5 minutes with a miss universe contestant

Tegan Martin

We sat down with Tegan Martin, 20, a second-time Miss Universe Australia finalist, from Newcastle NSW.


A full-time model and actress, and Miss Universe Australia runner-up in 2011, Tegan is one to watch for taking the Miss Universe Australia crown in 2013.

q1. Are you enjoying your new DMK regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I absolutely love my DMK products. I have never really taken as much time with my skin care regime but I am really noticing a change in my

skin for the better. My favourite product is the herb & mineral mist, I feel it has really helped to restore moisture back into my skin and given my skin an incredible glow.

q2. tell us about your first DMK treatment…

My first DMK experience was amazing. The technique was something I had never experienced before, it was a sensation that I felt had to be beneficial. I’ve had facials in the past but nothing even begins to compare. I was intrigued by the whole concept of DMK and their use of botanical based products prescribed specifically for my skin, I only wish I knew about DMK earlier!

q3. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

Absolutely, DMK has definitely changed my skin! It has left my skin feeling much more hydrated and if I continue my regime with these wonderful products I am positive I will have beautiful skin well into the future.

q4. How important is good skin to you?

Having good skin is absolutely imperative for my job and for my confidence.

q5. How has the Miss Universe Australia helped you grow as a person?

Miss Universe Australia has helped me grow as a person in many ways. It has helped me to realise my weaknesses and turn them into strengths and to really dissect myself as a person to find what my true morals, values and beliefs are in life. It has taught me that if I am true to myself that I can achieve great things.

q6. What would it mean to you to become Miss Universe Australia?

Becoming Miss Universe Australia would mean a great deal to me and I would be absolutely honoured to represent Australia at the world pageant. It would mean I had achieved the goal at the top of my list and would enable me to continue what I am already striving to do, on a much larger scale, empowering and inspiring young women.

More Miss Universe finalist interviews to come…

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