5 minutes with a miss universe contestant


We sat down with miss universe finalist, and competitive beach sprinter, Meaghan Slattery, 22, from Perth.

Megahn Slattery (WA)
A Physiotherapist by day, Meaghan is also a surf life saver.

Q1. Are you enjoying your new DMK regime? Do you have a favourite product?

A: I absolutely love my new regime. I love how balanced and “full” it makes my face feel. My favourite product so far has to be the combination of the biogen c creme combined with the herb & mineral mist – it’s an awesome concept and my skin is just drinking it up!

Q2. Tell us about your first DMK Treatment…

A: It was amazing and really enlightening to find out so much about my skin and how I can help it along in just one session! The Enzyme Masque was astonishing and the final product after the Quick Peel (heating masque) was the best my skin has ever felt. DMK is one of a kind.

Q3. Have you ever known anyone to have their confidence knocked down by acne?

A: What I had growing up was not “acne” by medical definition but it certainly felt like it to me. Being a late bloomer, I was heading into pimple town as everyone was leaving it. When you are doing everything you can to fit in as it is, I certainly experienced many a breakdown when the only thing I couldn’t hide was my breakouts!

Q4. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer with breakouts?

A: Yes, my astonishing results had friends asking about the treatments the second I posted a photo to social media! I couldn’t say a bad thing about DMK and I think that no matter what the problem is, the staff who work for DMK could work out a way to help you.

Q5. How important is good skin to you?

A: For me, the search for good skin has been never-ending. I don’t know whether its our society, the magazines or just always trying to look “nice” that has made the idea of good skin desirable but the thought of having DMK help me bring out my own good skin is taking me beyond excitement! I think there is nothing more beautiful than a girl who can rock a totally natural look with a confident smile.

Q6. How has the Miss Universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

A: I entered the WA preliminary contest confused, shy and hidden about who I was. There was a part of me that knew I could do better – that’s what the Miss Universe competition has done. It has opened doors that I had forgotten how to open, as such, I am now confident in the fact that I’m coming into the national final the best version of myself I can be.

Q7. What would it mean to you to become Miss Universe Australia?

A: Knowing what it would be like to win the title of Miss Universe Australia is an experience that possibly I can never be explained till, and if, I was chosen to experience it. And the thought that I am a one in 30 chance of doing just that, is excitement no words can do justice. To the elderly people I have worked with as a physiotherapist, to my amazing family and friends, to myself and to the thousands of young girls I would then have the chance to inspire and support, winning the Miss Australia crown means more than I could have ever hoped!

Stay tuned for more Q & A’s with the beautiful Miss Universe contestants!

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