5 minutes with a miss universe contestant


We sat down with miss universe finalist and model, Wendi Lanham, 19, from Sydney.

Q1. Are you enjoying your new DMK regime? Do you have a favourite product?

A: I’m loving my new DMK regime, it’s easy to follow and makes my skin feel amazing! My favourite product would have to be the blemishing gel because you simply dab a small amount of the gel on a pimple and within 3 days it’s gone!
Wendi Lanham (NSW)

Q2. Tell us about your first DMK Treatment…

A: My first DMK treatment was nothing like what l’ve ever had before. My face mask was interesting as it set like concrete and I couldn’t move my face – but the heated bed, foot massage and lovely music was so relaxing I even feel asleep. It was amazing I couldn’t wait to go back.

Q3. Do you have any skin concerns? Has DMK helped with these?

A: My skin concern would have to be pimples. I’ve had them since 14 and have tried many products in the past that haven’t worked however DMK products are actually working!The redness form previous acne have started disappearing and I’m getting very few pimples now. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Q4. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer with breakouts?

A: Yes I would definitely recommend DMK Klear Collection to my friends who suffer with breakouts, in fact I already have, with a few friends now wanting to get a treatment because they have seen the improvement it has had on my skin.

Q5. How important is good skin to you?

A: Good skin is crucial to me, I always pride myself on good skin, hair and body. Good skin not only looks amazing but allows you to feel good about yourself, gives you confidence and is important long term.

Q6. How has the Miss Universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

A: The Miss Universe Australia experience has helped me grow so much as a person, not only am I now more strict on my food and exercise regime, I’ve also grown an interest in current issue of the world through preparing for the question and answer section of the pageant and have also learnt more about charities I’d love to work with in the future.

Q7. What would it mean to you to become Miss Universe Australia?

A: It would mean the world to me to become Miss Universe Australia. I believe this competition represents so many qualities that I see in myself. It will give me the chance to show Australia my bubbly and down to earth personality. It will allow me to promote wonderful products like DMK and most of all to use my position as Miss Universe Australia to travel and help those who are less fortunate, which is my main motivation for this competition.

Stay tuned for more Q & A’s with the beautiful Miss Universe contestants!

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