5 minutes with a miss universe contestant

A model and student by day, Melbournite, Saasha Burns, 24, is a one-of-a-kind beauty and a serious contender to take out the Miss Universe Australia crown.


q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I couldn’t be happier with my DMK experience and feel so lucky to be receiving these incredible treatments in the lead up to the Miss Universe Australia final! The DMK products and treatments are the first I have come across that treat the skin below the surface. So many products rely on fragrance and texture and only act as a barrier on the skin. There is so much science behind DMK and the unique trans-dermal delivery system is really the first of its kind.
The Biogen C Crème together with the Herb & Mineral mist is transforming my skin, and each day my skin feels tighter, more radiant and more refined.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

After my first DMK treatment I was on cloud nine! I only wish I had discovered DMK sooner! Skin gives so much away about your health, your age, and your stress levels and I feel like I am always on the pursuit of healthy skin. The DMK enzyme treatment works to exfoliate and remove dead skin cell build-up and when the mask starts tightening and pulsating you can really feel it working!

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

We are fortunate to live in an age of prevention so I think it is never too early to look after your skin and fight the effects of aging and environmental damage. I don’t always wear sun-block (and I love the outdoors) so I love the light and non-greasy trans-dermal sunscreen for sun protection. It’s perfect underneath makeup, and is a new permanent addition to my routine!

q4. Has using dmk helped/ changed your skin?

The results are amazing! The texture of my skin has improved and my skin feels so soft and hydrated throughout the day. People have commented on the bright appearance of my skin, and I don’t feel the need to wear foundation. I’m so excited to see such quick results!

q5. How has the miss universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

The competition is such an incredible journey of growth and change. It can be very hard at times putting so much of ‘you’ out there, but it is such a wonderful chance to show what qualities make us unique as young women. It has helped me to become strong, confident, more independent, compassionate and socially aware. It is such a positive journey and really brings out the best in you as a person.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

It would be life changing! I love that life never stops surprising me and you never know what is around the corner. I have learnt that the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get. I believe it is important to achieve your dreams with integrity and honesty, and to become Miss Universe Australia would give me a platform to voice my opinions, help others and become a positive role model for young women. I would love to work closely with Operation Smile and create awareness for the wonderful work they do for children.

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