5 minutes with a miss universe contestant

We caught up with WA beauty, Tamlin Dobrich, about her fabulous results thanks to DMK.

Tamlin Dobrich (WA)

q1. Are you enjoying your new dmk regime? Do you have a favourite product?

I adore my new DMK skincare regime, nothing I have tried before has been this simple yet also so effective in combating my skin insecurities. My favourite product would have to be DMK’s Biogen C Cream and Herb & Mineral Spray because they hydrate the skin leaving it fresh and vibrant.

q2. What was your first dmk treatment experience like? Have you ever had anything like it?

It was incredible! I learnt so much about skincare while being pampered like a princess.

q3. Do you have any skin concerns?

I think nearly every person has experienced skin concerns at some stage or another. For me, my biggest skin concern is dehydration. I’ve surfed for almost 10 years so the constant exposure to the sun, salt and wind has dried out my skin.

q4. Has using DMK helped/changed your skin?

Yes! I have a new confidence I didn’t think was possible! My skin is now soft and dewy and the dehydration lines I suffered from have noticeably reduced.

q5. How important is good skin to you?

I think having good skin is important to almost everybody. When I’m having a good skin day my personality and body language exudes confidence, and when my skin is bad I wish I was invisible. No one needs skin insecurities holding them back.

q6. What would it mean to you to become miss universe Australia?

How do I truly describe the feelings one would have when nailing the one-in-a-million “dream job” that embodies every element of who I am, what I stand for and who I want to be? Everything I could say would be an understatement!

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