5 minutes with a miss universe contestant…


We sat down with Alicia Maxwell, 20, one of the Miss Universe Australia finalists, from Sydney NSW.


A Flight Attendant by day, in her spare time Alicia {picture below far right} supports the Salvation Army.


Miss Universe national finalists - NSW

NSW Miss Universe national finalists – Alicia Maxwell far right (in red)

Q1. Are you enjoying your new DMK regime? Do you have a favourite product?

A: Yes, the new DMK regime has helped to boost my confidence and refresh my skin, my skin feels new again! I love all the products – they all work together to bring a healthy balance to my skin.

Q2. Tell us about your first DMK Treatment…

A: This was my very first facial and due to having sensitive skin I have always been nervous to have one, however the team at DMK ensured me that my skin was compatible with their products, and the results of my skin afterwards was impressive!

Q3. Have you ever known anyone to have their confidence knocked down by acne?

A: Yes, a few of my friends suffered with bad acne and tried many different products to help clear their skin. If I knew about the DMK products earlier I would have encouraged my friends to have treatments done and use the products available as I believe DMK’s techniques and products are essential in promoting healthy skin.

Q4. Would you recommend DMK’s Klear Collection to your friends who suffer with breakouts?

A: Yes, I would recommend DMK’s Klear Collection as the products available and treatments provided are essential in promoting healthy skin and also targets a younger generation which allows the opportunity to achieve the skin everyone deserves.

Q5. How important is good skin to you?

A: I believe good skin encourages natural beauty by limiting products needed to cover blemishes. I am a strong believer in promoting natural beauty as the more natural you are the more beautiful and confident you look inside and out.

Q6. How has the Miss Universe Australia experience helped you grow as a person?

A: The Miss Universe Australia experience has provided me with an opportunity to discover my strengths and perfect them and realise my weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

Q7. What would it mean to you to become Miss Universe Australia?

A: Being crowned Miss Universe Australia would be a dream come true for not only myself but for my friends and family who have supported me along the way. Miss Universe Australia would allow me to be a role model for women all over the world, inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals by believing in their beauty and building their confidence. I would be honoured to be an ambassador and represent my country on the international stage.

Stay tuned for more Q & A’s with the beautiful Miss Universe contestants!

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