Does your company test on animals?

DMK has never participated or paid for any animal testing other than human subjects.



Does your company test on animals in countries where animal testing is required? 

Again, DMK has never participated or paid for any animal testing.  However, we are aware that our China distributor is required by law to send all imported products through a series of testing.  It is our understanding that this may have included the use of animals for sensitivity testing.



Is your makeup mineral?

All of DMK makeup contains only mineral colorants.



Are your products vegan?

No, we have several products, including our enzymes that use egg by-products.



Do your products contain gluten?

We have never formulated to be gluten-free. Although many of our products are, I would not recommend professional treatments for anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease because of the oat and starch.  This is also true of Herbal Pigment and some of the crèmes. 



Do your products contain parabens?

Yes, some of our product use parabens. Although we have begun to formulate some of our products without parabens, we find there are sensitivities because other preservatives need to be used at higher levels to be as effective as parabens.



Which products are not recommended for pregnancy?

We would not recommend using any products containing Salicylic Acid, for instance, Acu-Klenz, Acu-Klear, and Pro Alpha 2. We advise avoiding products containing cassia and cloves, for example, Quick Peel, Body Sculpting, Body Masque, Acu-Therm and Enzyme Masque #3. We would also suggest in preventing the use of BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) products and Aminodine.  We highly recommend asking your physician before using any of the DMK products during pregnancy and taking the EFA+.



Where is the product made?

All DMK Skincare products are produced in the U.S.A.



Why don’t we use natural preservatives?

Unfortunately, when distributing products internationally, distributors are not interested in products that are not produced with at least two years’ shelf life.  We also must meet standards for challenge testing where contaminating microbes are introduced, and the formulation has to prevent them from growing or spreading.  Because most of our products are water-based or soluble for increased dermal permeability, they become perfect breeding grounds for yeast, mold, and even more dangerous pathogens like E-Coli.  Although we have made some attempts at using natural preservatives, we have found them too ineffective and extremely irritating. We will continue to look at alternative chemicals and will utilize natural ones whenever possible.



What is the SPF in the makeup?

We have not tested the makeup for an SPF rating because it is used differently by each, and we do not want to give a false impression that it will provide all the screening you will need. To be sure that you get the protection you need for daily use, we recommend that you use one of our daily SPF crèmes or DMK Sunscreen before applying your DMK Foundation.



Will I get a reaction from the products and treatments?

All DMK products are sensitivity tested, and most people only react in a very positive way to DMK treatments and DMK Home Prescriptives. This is not to say that depending on the procedure; you might experience some temporary irritation or erythema after a DMK treatment.  Other contraindications may occur that should be explained by your therapist and in the treatment release forms.  Also, if you have sensitive or reactive skin and known allergies or medical conditions, discuss these with your therapist and patch test before using any DMK products.