A New Year & A New You

Every year we talk about New Year Resolutions and goals but after a few months they seem to fade. What can we do different this year to improve our life and our skin? At DMK we believe in building a world of confidence from the outside-in. When you feel good about your skin, you can focus on improving other goals in your life.

So what can you do this year that is different from past years to improve your skin? Did you know that we loose up to 1.5 liters of water a day, not just when you exercise? It is important to replenish your hydration levels so skin functions at its best. The DMK approach uses fractionated oils in our Seba-E and hydrating herbal extracts in our Herb & Mineral Mist to hydrate our skin to it’s full and optimal potential.
If you are vowing to detox after all of the holiday festivities, you can assist your skin with our Dermatox. It penetrates pores causing toxins to purge overtime.

New Year Resolutions usually include toning our muscles but what about the muscles on your face? DMK’s Signature Enzyme Masque Treatments in your local DMK Clinic strengthens muscles in your face and strengthens your capillaries. So why not give your whole body a new look in 2015?!
Another year means we are another year older and something we can celebrate rather than regret. We like to focus on Age Management by providing tools to revise your skin to it’s natural state. Take a look at the skin under your breast of under arms. The skin that hasn’t had to defend itself from environmental conditions. This is your true skin and with proper care and tools you too can reveal the skin with in.

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