All blogged out…

Dedicated to the cause of flawless skin, finding the perfect foundation, and ultimately gaining real results, beauty bloggers have become some of DMK’s biggest supporters.

Willing to put their skin on the line and completely devote themselves to our method of skin revision, we’ve had some wonderful support from these beauty-lovin’ girls.

It all started with the support from The Plastic Diaries. When Kimberly surrendered her already-beautiful skin over to us, she was surprised to see a further improvement. Kimberly’s brilliant blog is honest, informative and over all trustworthy. This is a strength that beauty bloggers have relied upon to become a reliable source of information. She loved the results so much she even trusted us with her Mum’s skin! See Kimberly’s DMK Skincare Challenge post here.



Following this, we found Nadia at Indulgent Beauty Reviews who was also majorly impressed with the DMK method. Nadia was thrilled with the treatments AND DMKC products, including Creme Glace (pictured). Check out Nadia’s take on the products prescribed specifically for her.



And, most recently, we’ve managed to win over make-up artist and stylist, Natasa, owner of Secret Diary of a Tall Girl! She’s just getting started with the DMK and DMK Cosmetics range and already telling her audience about us. See stage one of her DMK experience right here. Stay tuned for more to come!

So, a HUGE thank you goes out to all the Beauty Bloggers out there who have fallen in love with our method and are willing to tell the world about it! Cheers ladies!


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