Anti-Aging Do’s and Dont’s…

We can’t stop ageing entirely, but we can take the very best care of ourselves. We’ve come up with a fairy easy equation to understand how to best take care of your skin.

How well you take care of yourself – environmental damage = your genetic potential!


  • Always, always, always wear SPF sunscreen + a hat!
  • Eat an alkaline diet, taking in all the colors of the rainbow via fruits and vegetables
  • Swallow DMK EFA+ daily for skin to retain its turgidity and bounce
  • Vitamin A. Use it topically at night to keep your skin performing at its best
  • Use DMK skincare regime religiously, both morning and night. DMK gets its active ingredients to the skin’s core, to positively influence the lifecycle of the skin.
  • Get your sleep! 8 hours will do wonders for your skin (not to mention your happiness.)
  • Protect yourself from UV exposure
  • Say no to stress! Try meditation.
  • Enjoy life…


  • Use inferior skin products with cheap fillers and nasty ingredients
  • Miss regular treatments – stick to them. With new skin cells turnover every 28 days, it’s important to nurture the new!
  • Smoke or drink to excess. It’s just not compatible with youthful glowing skin
  • Say no to sugar! Too much of it creates deep wrinkling in the skin, known as Glycation
  • Forget the power of vitamin C, both internally and externally, for youthful looks!
  • Sleep in your make up! It can cause congestion. Plus it looks messy on your pillow…

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