Realization of Hydration

Danné on Skin Inc.

Skin Inc. – January 2020 Considering the skin contains around 64% water, why is the cosmetic industry so obsessed with hydration and what does it really mean? Unless you have atopic dermatitis, hyperthyroidism, ichthyosis or at the very least diabetes, dry skin is not the common symptom or even category everyone imagines. Moisture and Aging

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What the…Vitamin F

Vitamin F? What is it? Discovered in 1929, Vitamin F is not your traditional vitamin, it is a vital group of essential nutrients required to give skin that youthful turgidity and bounce, among many other benefits. In the skincare universe, we refer to this group as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). They are not manufactured by

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Quit Calming Down Rosacea

Over the last 4 decades, I have written several articles about Rosacea and all the myths and mystery surrounding it. Based upon certain repeated successes treating the disease I was lucky enough to fall into a situation with one of our top physicians in Kyiv, Ukraine, Dr. Andrey Sotnik. Sotnik’s family owned a trauma center hospital and was thus privy

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Pigmentation Can Be Erased

How can it be erased? How can it disappear? Let’s be clear from the beginning, there may be a long and diverse road to removing hyperpig­mentation. For permanent results, treating pigmentation on the skin may take a long time, coupled with client compliance. Hyperpig­mentation CAN Be Totally Removed It will take the removal of excess corneum, where most of the

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