Cosmetics That Have a Function and Don’t Just Cover

There are many reasons why women wear make-up. They do it to feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty, increase their sex appeal, present a more professional appearance, and cover blemishes and to just feel better about themselves. Mascara can add length and fullness to eyelashes. Blush adds color to the cheeks and draws attention to the eyes.

These are all great reasons to wear makeup and DMK Cosmetics™ is proud to be able to offer a full line of natural beauty products that not only help women meet these goals but also has useful skin-preserving functions. The skin is a living organism that needs to be cared for, nourished, protected and replenished in order to look its best. That’s why we formulate our foundations to work on the skin’s function as well as cover blemishes, age spots and lines.

DMK has done extensive research and experimentation to find products that work hard and look great. DMK Premier Foundations utilize the proven botanical preservative systems; a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms on contact. The high pigmentation factor of up to 53% ensures that the DMKC Premier Foundation Series offers a sheer application without sacrificing coverage and lasts all day with little or no maintenance.

Join the revolutionary change from camouflage to function and face the New Year with new courage, confidence and vigor. We should all be thankful for new opportunities that are presented to us and embrace the opportunity to enhance our natural beauty. Put your best face forward in the New Year and let your true skin show. Visit our clinic locator to find a clinic near you.

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