Danné’s NYC Media Tour

We had a fabulous week in New York City for our Media Tour. One of our clients this week was Sonja Morgan, Star of Housewives of New York. She walked into our DMK Spa Suite at the venerable London Hotel New York and I immediately thought “thoroughbred.”

She had no make-up on, green deck chair paint under her nails and splotched elsewhere from a paint fest at her swank New York Town House and eyes like twin lasers taking in everything including me!

The love affair started when I saw the earthy humour behind those lasers!

This is a woman who has her own face as opposed to the cookie-cutter beauty of most current film celebrities, a woman who knows who she is inside or outside of make-up and wears her clothes as opposed to fashion wearing her! As a matter of fact, I can’t remember what she had on except that it was casually elegant. I can only compare her to my friend Maria Shriver, both women classic and sharp individualists!

The DMK Skin Revision Treatment headed by our Sara Pose Blieweiss was Age Management but this woman is hard to pin an age ON!

She has the sort of face certain British actresses possess, bankable for decades to come! And sexy.

I enjoyed teaching this highly intelligent person about her own physiology and how to manage it for as long as she needed to or wanted to. In return, she gave a very-tired-from -on-the-road me a good time!

I have seen women like this before (but rarely) my close and dear friend socialite and du a fashionista Kaarina Kivilahti of Finland for example.

And they are always compelling and quite unforgettable.


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