Danne’s Trip to Russia, April, 2015

This year DMK Russia Face Facts style conference was hugely attended by long time DMK Dermatologists from all over Russia and the “stan” countries plus many new younger doctors.  The theme was showing combinations of new medical aesthetic innovations and DMK treatments .

This included pre and post-surgery treatments and a stunning new tissue lifting technique using dissolvable sutures followed by DMK Enzyme Masques.  One presented and performed by Muscovite Dr. Alexander and Dr. Tataniya of St Petersburg.

I spoke on the spectacular results of these combinations and introduced our new DMK Limited luxury range following the success of our pricey Transgenesis Creme. I also held an “ingredients” class detailing the new changes I have made to some of our classic oldies but goodies such as BIOGEN C, CREME CITRIQUE ,  ACU MOIST and FOAMY LIFT MASQUE (I added a Thermogenics aspect to the home masque). What was so moving and heart rending to me was the absolute respect and attention given to our team by the highly educated medical attendees!

This was followed by stand up testimonies, often with tears in their eyes from emotions, regarding the results and success they have achieved with DMK treatments for two decades!

It was very humbling to sit there in the limelight of all this with a smile plastered on my face feeling they were talking about someone else!

Russia and Ukraine (where our people lost everything they had in Donetsk which was previously DMK hospital and headquarters) always makes me even more aware that we of DMK are bringing the tools and concepts to health practitioners worldwide that literally changes people’s lives and they way they view themselves.  It really is building confidence from the outside in!

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