David’s story – one of many

For 40 years DMK has lived by the motto, Rebuilding Skin. Rebuilding Lives.

It’s time for us to show you what we really mean… this is David’s story.

Hi Danné,

It’s David here, and this is my story.

I guess I’ll start with when I first got a cyst on my right cheek. I was in year 11 at high school, 16 years old, heavily involved in soccer and felt like I had everything good to look forward to, until I got the cyst.

To that point, I had never seen so much puss come out of my face, and half an hour after squeezing it my cheek was swollen like half a tennis ball. My cheek remained like that for some time, and after two weeks people stopped believing my lie about getting into a fight. If I thought I was popular before because of my athletic ability and my cheeky personality I was wrong, this had elevated me to celebrity superstar status but in the worst way possible.
So I went to a dermatologist where he made a tiny incision and the mountain on my face once again erupted. Finally the swelling settled and for a while I could breathe again. Little did I know this ship was sinking fast and it would be the last breath I would have for what would seem like an eternity.

The unfortunate thing about all this is I’m generally a very happy person who likes to laugh and laughs easily. In fact I would constantly be in trouble at school simply for smiling so I can’t begin to describe how embarrassing it was to smile or laugh during Tafe classes and have my skin break open on both of my acne covered cheeks.
On countless occasions I was hit in the face with the soccer ball causing more swelling. Then the unthinkable happened, I was 19 and on this particular day I was playing at Parramatta Stadium before the main game. I was involved in a collision with two other players and my right cheek was split open. When I got home and saw the damage I contemplated killing myself.

The next day when I was supposed to catch the train to Tafe I decided to go to the beach instead. It was early and no one was there, I told myself I would swim out as far as I could and drown when I got too tired. For two days I tried but couldn’t do it. So I continued looking for another solution, but the only thing going through my head was “how much more must I suffer?” Strangers would ignore me and children would call me ‘scar face’.

I was getting desperate. I started doing my own research and I went to a plastic surgeon to get his opinion, which was lucky because I had noticed a difference in the position of my right eye and I was also getting some double vision. He sent me to get a few scans done and they found I had a tumour behind my right eye which was slowly getting bigger. I had no choice but to have it removed otherwise it could turn malignant. I was completely shocked, speechless, to hear that they would shave my eyebrow and cut the bone around my eye to remove the tumour. I mean how many scars can one person take? My face already looked like a battlefield; I could have played the part of Frankenstein without make-up.

I stayed hopeful that something good would come my way, and finally it did. I read an advertisement in the paper about a DMK skin revision clinic called “Skin For Life”. I decided to give it a go, and this is when I met Leanne. She explained the DMK products and treatments in a way that I would be able to understand. I must say I was a bit sceptical at first but after even the first treatment it was evident that I had something to look forward to. I finally now can see my own reflection in the mirror instead of some monster. I only wish I found your wonderful products long ago as well as the wonderful Leanne.

To you and Leanne I will always feel in debt, and I could never thank you enough.


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