From DMK’s Founder Danné Montague-King

We can peel skin off by layers. The more layers removed, the younger looking the skin.  It is also important to find out from the skin therapist  or doctor how many layers they are removing during any peel treatment.

*False – The skin is not like an onion where layers can be peeled off and “voila…new skin.” In fact, skin has only two basic layers, the epidermis  and everything else underneath.  Cells are always proliferating, changing configurations and migrating to the surface forming our corneum  which is the outermost part of the epidermis.  It is the REDUNDANT dead cell material that needs to be exfoliated at different levels and de-conjested. Anything else more aggressive will create trauma in the skin.  The auto-immune functions will work over time in defensive response  and the skin will ultimately break down or suffer other contraindications.

Your pores open and close like little windows when hot water (steam) or cold water is applied:

*False – Pores are part of the skin’s respiratory system and only “open” when a secretion is released from the skin.   i.e. sebaceous oil or sudoriferous secretion. These two secretions represent our natural acid mantle, natures ONLY moisturizer. The only thing that will “close” an evacuated pore is ionospherisis chemicals and/or galvanic electric current. Certain rubefcients can mildly irritate (or irrigate) the skin cells causing them to puff up and temporarily make the pores appear smaller.

Wearing make up will not let the skin “breathe,” especially silicone based make-up.

*False – Our skin operates on anaerobic metabolism not aerobic. Oxygen is fed to the mitochondria, the skin cell battery pack, via the skin’s capillaries after it is drawn from the avelous chambers of our lungs and then cleaned up with O2 hemoglobin. Pores can be clogged with pre-deposited fats or the tiny micro spheres of mineral make up, thus slowing down the respitory secretions, but silica clogging the pores would be like a ping-pong ball clogging a volcano.

Our Skin Does NOT Breathe for US!

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