Happy New Years from DMK International Headquarters

I have sent out many inspirational based speeches for the up and coming year designed to encourage and stimulate people and also to thank everyone for their support and loyalty to the concepts I have set forth so many decades ago.

Now in my 7th decade I have seen massive turn-a rounds in the medical and aesthetic arts and realized that the goals ahead will be even harder to reach as we battle new regulations, popular trends and scientific breakthroughs.

It’s been a roller coaster year for us at DMK Headquarters as we geared up to take on the very country we live in, The USA! We have always been an “overseas company” building a rich reputation of excellent results and thousands of lives changed in countries around the globe! Most of this has been due to our excellent educators, industry leaders and medical experts. Underneath this is the key to everything; our concept.

The tools I provide, along with my staff implementing the DMK Concept, we work diligently to refine and provide the best tools possible.  We don’t want to follow trendy ingredients or new machines but we want to work WITH the body and all of its fundamental functions.

But the concept of Remove. Rebuild. Protect. and Maintain. will never change. It IS fundamental to every condition.

2015 will be a year of massive change as we take on the American juggernaut and all of its millions of products and self-styled hype…much of it actually quite good, but everything still in “bits and pieces” without a real concept and ongoing education. Our strength.

We have added “Building Confidence from the Outside-In” to our Mantra because in reality this is what you all are really doing – Giving people suffering from skin anomalies a second chance to present their best selves and all of their hopes and dreams to the world with total confidence.

I PERSONALLY know that nothing much can be accomplished without total confidence that what one is doing is 100% right and continue doing it with passion.

I will still travel far again this year, although not as much, and I do worry, for everyone’s sake, how much “petrol I have” still left in the tank! I hate to let our loyal people down at any time. A good example was this last year when I made an effort to bring hope and inspiration to our wonderful DMK people in The Ukraine when they were under a cloud of fear and worry for their very existence, never mind just making a lot of money in the skin business. I found myself doing the same thing back in 9/11 when I was in Moscow on a world tour as the planet was plunged into chaos!

How this mantle fell upon my shoulders is a mystery to me although a lot of the “whys and how’s” are detailed in my book The Maybelline Prince. I never dreamed we would go so far and evoke so many changes.

We have added new staff to our USA Headquarters including my nephew Drew Coleman in whose hands I hope to pass my legacy of being “DANNE” (if you can imagine the eccentric DANNE with a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children)! What we do in the USA certainly will affect the rest of our international network and we provide a more simple, entry level range and continue on in the luxury market place expanding the TransGenesis Range. Our thank you and support of The Harvey Milk Foundation and to Stuart Milk himself who has been intrepid with his verbal support of DMK as he addresses Nations and Heads of State all over the globe. His mission is our mission: Equality for everyone regardless of who they are and focus on the youth that are our immediate and only future!

My grown up Christmas list this year featured our common cause:

“Time will heal all hearts, wars will never start…Everyone will have a friend, and love will never end”

I absolutely can say now at this time of my life that all things negative and hurtful to mankind can be reversed with love—including the love of what we do as healers.

Happy and positive New Year Everyone



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