Hope for those with cross-line wrinkles!

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Aminodine is our remarkable anti-aging formulation designed for diabetic clients and smokers, with noticeable cross-line wrinkles!

This product contains aminoguanidine, often referred to as ‘the golden water’, which aids in slowing down the wrinkling process; and freshening the pallid, grey skins of heavy smokers.

Its aim is to act against cross-linked wrinkles in mature, middle-aged, and sun-damaged skins; and when used in conjunction with night firming crème, offer radiance and firmness for mature skin also!

However, it’s not an option for younger clients who wish to prevent Glycation!

The formulation contains:

• Aminoguanadine – An anti-oxidant and glucose activator. It helps to inhibit Glycation in aging skin: the precursor to deep cross-linked wrinkles!

• Witch Hazel – To help soothe and give relief to irritated and inflamed skin conditions. It also contains antiseptic properties.

• Cucumber Oil – A soothing agent that helps reduce puffiness. It’s rich in nutrients and vitamin C, which means it’s a great help to improve elasticity!

How does it work?

The spritz soaks into the skin, assisting to re-activate glucose and normalize the free radical effect of Glycation: which acts to prevent the incidence of cross-linked wrinkles in aging skin.

You may just notice your skin is firmer, with a fresh pinky color, within a few short weeks!

How we found it?

This formulation creation was no accident. Our researchers observed that formulating certain ingredients into a spray application helped to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the delivery!

Their design was based on a fine water-based mist, to imitate the action of the skin’s own glands.

And as we say time and time again at DMK: the aim is to replicate the body’s ability to regenerate itself naturally.

Try this combo for mature skin…

Using the following products morning and night!
direct delivery vitamin c, beta gel, seba-e, nite firming crème, eye tone or fine line crème, aminodine and DMK efa plus!

On very thickset, heavy wrinkles we recommend our DMK Skin Revision Treatments, including Enzyme Therapy Treatments and the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel. For more information simply visit: http://dannemking.com/treatments/ or ask one of our amazing worldwide DMK Skin Technician’s http://dannemking.com/clinic-locator/

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