Jessica’s greater tomorrow…

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.02.31Jessica’s story is one of our favourite stories of late, and her amazing quotes just keep coming. Her story is heart-wrenching in parts but with a goose-bump-all-over ending!

‘In my desperation I paid £180 for an alleged cure, Roaccutaine; this drug appeared to be a light in the darkness. My last chance, despite the poignant concern over the high suicidal side effects. But after being advised to watch the Dying for Clear Skin programme the day after my first DMK consultation, any desire to use Roaccutaine was obliterated.’

We’re very glad Jessica found DMK at exactly the right time! After a series of treatments with UK DMK skin technician Suzanne, Jessica began to show her face, look people in the eye and gain the confidence she needed in order to heal.

‘I was so enamoured by Susanne’s drive and diligence to hear my hearts cry. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Walt Disney Classic Cinderella and the pivotal moment she’s left alone, distraught and without hope of better. Her fairy godmother appears and blesses her with the chance of a greater tomorrow. Susanne has rightly earned the pseudo title of my Fairy Godmother. I’ll be forever in her debt.’

We hope that Jessica’s humbling words will bring courage to anyone experiencing the agonising emotional aspect of acne!

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