Jessica’s touching words

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The UK DMK team has shared their inspiring story about 19-year-old Jessica. Her words are spine-tingling lovely, and we wanted to share!

Jessica says she was just ‘another victim dying for clean skin’ and that after watching ‘severe acne distorting’ her appearance, it sadly took away her ‘confidence, joy, self esteem, and self worth.’

She claims that at age 19 she ‘shrank from the world’ often hiding from people and her reflection. With acne running rampage over her face, neck and entire happiness; something needed to give.

But then Jessica found DMK.

“The DMK treatments and home care products which work hand in hand, have changed my life’

I’ve been undergoing treatments for a year and have seen a substantial difference in the quality and overall health of my skin.

Without Dannè and the DMK company – I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. If living at all. It’s an ongoing battle,
a daily walk, but all thanks to Dannè/DMK, I envision myself winning.’

And to that we say hurray. What an inspiring story. Jessica we wish you the very best, and we’re very glad you found us!

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