Take your first step to becoming a DMK-certified esthetician.

Embark on a transformative journey and elevate your clinic’s status by becoming a DMK-certified clinic! DMK is unwavering in its commitment to empowering clinics, aiding them in achieving their aspirations through our meticulously structured training programs. We provide a three-tiered training approach, ensuring you acquire the proficiency needed to administer DMK products and treatments.
This is your gateway to becoming an esteemed DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist. Immerse yourself in a 2.5-hour theoretical webinar and step into a realm of unparalleled skincare knowledge.

Unlock exclusive benefits: Upon completion, you will be endowed with a DMK account, granting you the privilege to order our revolutionary Enzyme Masque #1.
Engage in a unique, 2-day intensive course, delving deep into theories and acquiring hands-on experience with DMK advanced skin revision treatments.

Exclusive Access: This program is exclusively available to Licensed Estheticians who have completed our introductory level (Fundamentals of Skin Revision webinar).

This advanced class will cover Pro Alpha Peel, Remodeling Procedure, Alkaline Wash, and StemZyme with a deep dive into protocols.

This is an invitation-only, hands-on, advanced paramedical skin revision certification. Class price includes a StemZyme kit, order placed once the class is complete. Space is limited. Program One and online prerequisites are required for admittance. Contact your DMK account manager for more details.

Why DMK?

We put estheticians, first

We do not sell directly to the end-consumer, and we never will. Once you become a DMK Certified Esthetician, our team has your back to help you boost your business the right way.

Get advanced education

Elevate your expertise with our comprehensive training programs, designed to empower you with advanced skincare knowledge and techniques.

Enhanced credibility

Gain recognition and credibility by offering certified and proven skin treatments and stand out in the competitive skincare industry.