A letter to my fellow Skin Therapists

A letter by Aliesh Pierce, DMK National Education Director

I have had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at three annual conferences of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools’ Annual CEA Conference (Career Educator’s Alliance). Let me tell you, these educators are committed to their craft. I am overjoyed each time I am extended the offer to speak. I revel in the opportunity to spend a few days with like-minded individuals who know how important a solid education is to a successful career in esthetics. They regularly attend industry related workshops and classes so that they can always offer their students something fresh and new.

These passionate educators are often sought after to become product knowledge specialists for major skincare brands. They are the connection between the brand concept and practical application of the treatment. However, I often wonder if active skin therapists are as committed to their professions as the educators or trainers presenting the material. Let’s face it – the hour requirements for obtaining an esthetics license in the US are pretty lax. Compared to the 2-year commitment required to obtain Australia’s Diploma of Beauty Therapy or to obtain a BTS Esthétique (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur d’Esthétique) in France, the 600-hour course in say California, for example, seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s an American Skin Therapist to do? Continuing education is the answer. Investing in advanced training tells your clients that you are serious about skin. It tells them that you understand the structure and function of skin at its core. This is the only way to truly identify cause and effect.

In this high tech age when all things aesthetic can be Googled, some clients can sometimes think they know everything. They will more than likely begin to self-diagnose before their first consultation. It is so important to be armed with the proper terminology. Having a firm understanding of dermatological and surgical terms relays the message that, as a Paramedical Technician, you offer treatments that can work in adjunctive to any procedure their doctor prescribes.

At the DMK Headquarters we offer monthly hands-on classes and webinars that allow you to refresh your knowledge of the skin’s anatomy, cellular biology, cosmetic chemistry and our unique skin classification system known as The DMK Skin Reactivity Measure.


Aliesh D. Pierce is the National Director of Education for DMK Skin Revision. She is also the author of Milady’s Aesthecian Series: Treating Diverse Pigmentation

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