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DMK and DMKC have had some great reviews lately, and we want to share them with you!

Here are a few DMK mentions from our favourite blogs, websites and magazines:

Ingrown hair – ninemsn’s beauty spot recommend DMK

“If you already have ingrowns, use a cleanser with salicylic acid to clean the area. If hair is appearing from the follicle, use tweezes to wheedle it out.To prevent this in the future, exfoliate regularly to unclog pores and moisturise regularly. For more information, check out how to remove ingrowns, try Danne Montague Kings Follicuzyme in-salon treatment, available from DMK.

Summer essentials – ninemsn’s beauty spot recommend DMK

“Sunscreen is the smartest skin protection under the sun. Exposing your skin to harmful UV rays is the fastest way to age your skin. Shield your skin from fine lines, pigmentation and burning by using DannÈ Montague King transdermal sunblock, SPF 30.”

The delights of digging deeper – Beauty Heaven recommend DMKs deep pore pure

“Cleansing the top layer of your skin will help to remove dead skin cells and make your complexion appear more radiant, but if you add deep pore cleansing into the mix, youíre sure to experience the delights of digging a little deeper into your skincare.”

Indulgent Beauty Reviews – See the difference with Enzyme Therapy

“A week after the treatment, I could still feel and see that radiant glow on my face. Seriously, this is one kick-ass facial and I was really impressed! Will I go back for more or will I skip the torture session? Oh, in a heartbeat. I wish I could do without the torturous crawly bit, but if thatís the price I have to pay for radiant skin, hell yeah Iíd pay for it!!”

DMK is also in print this month… see below for some AU and NZ mentions…


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