Olivia in the America’s…

The amazing Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013 has just returned from three weeks in the America’s, with a warm heart!

On touch down in Los Angeles, she visited our very own Danné, who invited her to stay in his Beverley Hills home.

‘I spent three days with Danné, who is so much more than just a sponsor. DMK is like a little family, and to be invited into his home to stay was very comforting’ said the beauty queen.

Olivia was Danne’s self-proclaimed ‘guinea pig’ on some new exciting formulations that Olivia ‘instantly fell in love with!’

‘A “wetter than water” TransGenesis™ spray and also a neck cream. I absolutely CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THAT MAGIC CREAM’. She said without letting the cat out of the bag!

She furthered her excitement by saying ‘I don’t even have jowls, and it has made an instantaneous and noticeable difference!!’

Although she was travelling alone, she had time to catch up with her ‘Miss Universe rookie, Miss USA Erin Brady in LA!’

And what Olivia got up to next is another chapter we will share with you later in the week! We can say that it will put a big smile on your face…


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