Olivia Wells: DMK After One Year

The title of the beautiful, intelligent and down-to-earth Miss Universe Australia 2013 might be coming to an end, but Olivia is by no means finished with DMK. We sat down with the star, to find out the juice on her year of glory…

Olivia we’ve certainly had a ball with you over the past months – it’s hard to believe almost a year has flown by!

You must have experienced so much over the time you’ve been crowned Miss Universe, what’s your most treasured memory?

The highlight of my year has most certainly been being an ambassador for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. As a med student with an interest in paediatrics this opportunity has been a priceless experience as well as a taste of what may be to come in my future career. I get goose bumps as I walk into the hospital, whether it be for photo ops or ward rounds, and I just know that being a doctor is where I want my life to be.

What about the not-so-light moments, or the pressure that goes with the title?

Let me tell you there were many tears shed over the year! At one point I completely broke down at my hairdresser only a few days before leaving for the international pageant. I’m not sure why, probably a combination of exhaustion, anxiety and anticipation.

Has it shaped the direction of your future, where do you see yourself going?

I wouldn’t say shaped, but being Miss Universe Aus has certainly given me a career boost – being given priceless opportunities at the RCH and also as an Operation Smile ambassador has provided me with experience other medical students can only dream of.

Now specifically DMK – have you noticed a difference in your skin over the period you have been using it?

I have noticed a difference and that is saying something considering I have always had incredible skin (I’m so lucky in this respect). However I didn’t realise that not having pimples didn’t necessarily mean my skin was at its most flawless. DMK has helped increase and stabilise water in the dermal layers of my skin which makes it radiant and glowing, not just pimple free! I’ve also noticed less red pigmentation around my jawline.

What are your skin concerns now?

I can very honestly and proudly say I have no skin concerns!! I’ll be maintaining my DMK routine for many years to come.

What products are now firmly planted in your daily regime?

All of them! My daily routine is deep pore pure, beta gel, eye tone, herb & mineral mist, TransGenesis™, solar damage gel & DMK sunscreen. I know it sounds like a marathon but it takes less than 2 min and it means I save 10 because I don’t have to wear make-up! I also do an at home enzyme mask weekly (or at least I try to, some weeks get busy) or an acu masque if I’m feeling congested.

What will you miss most about being Miss Universe Australia?

Seeing Donna and having DMK facial so regularly! Actually I will definitely be keeping those up!! I think I will miss being able to do things on my own time if I don’t have events. I’ll be back to Uni and so back to a very concrete timetable… Which will also mean hitting the gym at 6am not 9am!

Thanks Olivia… we’re glad you love DMK so much, that you’re sticking around!

Olivia Wells on DMK

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