staff favourites November 2012

This week, we shared our favourite products with our Facebook fans.

Working for DMK means we have access to the best products available, and we get to try them all – yes, we are very spoilt! So who better to ask than DMK staff for which products they recommend.


Staff Pick #1: GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Jules, loves her DMKC Foundation and Brush.

“I’m obsessed with this stuff! It’s lightweight, long lasting and actually feels good for my skin – and the compact lasts forever! I’ve converted so many friends to DMKC and
they all love it!”

Do you love DMKC Foundations? You won’t look back!


Staff Pick #2: DIGITAL DESIGNER, Jasmine, loves beta gel.

“After suffering from a bad heat rash, beta gel* saved me! It cooled the area and smoothed the bumps almost instantly! I recommend this to everyone.”

*Designed to revise irritations, beta gel is recommended daily for most skins.


Staff Pick #3: ART DIRECTOR, Katie, can’t live without her solar damage gel.

“Drinking water and solar damage gel are my staple hydrators, but using solar damage gel daily* is DEFINITELY the key to locking the moisture in my skin and keeping it there. Summer or not, I use this all year round.”

*Solar damage gel is also a saviour for sunburn and dry skin. Solar damage gel is designed to revise and minimise environmental damage.


Staff Pick #4: ADMIN ASSISTANT, Kristen, loves a pre night-out exfoliation.

“It’s a ritual for me to sleep in a micro peel masque the night before an event. It removes dead cell build-up* and plumps up my skin at the same time. Make-up looks better and lasts longer on my skin after micro peel.”

*Micro peel is known for its microscopic exfoliation affects, which requires no scrubbing or abrasive granules. Daily scrubbing/exfoliation is not recommended by DMK as it can encourage excess oil production.


Staff Pick #5: PR MANAGER, Ismay, loves the new Klear Collection, in particular, ACU-MIST.

“ACU-MIST is the best thing to find its way into my bathroom cabinet. If you find yourself touching your face while you’re working, like I do, you’ll probably notice breakouts in these areas. To keep these germs and bacteria under control I spray ACU-MIST over my moisturiser morning and night. My breakouts have lessened since using this – highly recommend!”

The Klear Collection range is now available in stores Australia-wide!


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