The Trilogy of Acne Revision P2

Think positively about balancing your emotional and mental well-being!

Too often when we’re upset about having acne, our emotional response exacerbates the condition even further, and it can be rather difficult so see past the blemishes.

We understand this first-hand; however the best way to leave the blemishes behind is to break the reactive chain in your mind, and then your body.

This can sound easier said, than done. However there are many ways to amplify positivity in your life: meditation, relaxation, gentle exercise as well as attuning your mind to think positive thoughts, some call affirmations.

As acne can worsen greatly, when one has a poor view of oneself, a very good way to help boost your self image; while simultaneously balancing your emotions; is to begin visualising what you would like your skin to look like, each night before you go to sleep.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, your body and mind will thank you for the relaxation meditation can bring; and by breaking the link in the acne chain; and promoting harmony in your mind and emotions, you can begin to slowly turn the tide.

Whether its emotional stress, nutritional deficiency, or hormonal imbalance you are experiencing – your skin will be affected by it. However you can bring your not-so-happy part of you back into homeostasis, into complete harmony.

One-way is to increase your serotonin levels: the feel-good happy hormone.

Seabuckthorn Oil is featured in DMK efa plus and it does just this. As well as nurturing new skin growth, needed for the skin to heal.

Another way is to exercise daily! Chemicals known as endorphins are released when you do so. They help to lessen pain, and so although you may initially dread it, exercise is truly amazing for both your happiness and your health.

But if you are feeling down-on-your-luck, and you just can’t see the ‘woods for the trees’ focus on eating well, drinking water, and taking DMK efa plus until and beyond you see the condition begin to shift.

Then with a little burst of positivity you can start to change your mindset as well!

Make sure you read tomorrow’s post about treatments you can do at home…


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