The Trilogy of Acne Revision P3

Finally…the 3rd part of the Acne Revision Trilogy is balance the ratio of home treatments with professional treatments!

To get phenomenal results (which we do time and time again) you need to play your part!

As we’ve spoken about in previous posts, it’s imperative to:
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  • Embrace a healthy diet
  • Drink 2-3L purified water per day
  • Take 4-6 DMK efa plus daily
  • Engage in positive thinking, exercise and meditation to balance your emotions and mindset.

Yet to truly get results that spark talk, you need to also:

  • Use the DMK Home Prescriptives regime twice daily
  • Apply DMK home treatments every three days
  • Visit your DMK Technician for weekly professional treatments.

Here is a powerful acne-busting pampering session you can perform at home:

  • Firstly cleanse with ACU-KLEANSE, and apply dermatox. Leave on for 3-5 mins then remove with warm water
  • Apply ACU-THERM to the pimples and congested areas, and leave on for 3 mins
  • Blot with a tissue and apply foamy lift mixed with exoderma peel and leave on for 30 mins
  • Remove in the shower with cleanser, and finish with pore reduction drops, beta gel, direct delivery vitamin c serum as a base
  • Apply ACU-KLEAR on the breakouts and spray the skin with ACU-MIST
  • Apply ACU-MOIST on the face, spray again
  • Throughout the day always apply DMK sunscreen and dust over with actrol powder, apply DMKC Foundation if desired.


Apply ACU-THERM on pimples and congested areas. Leave on for 5 minutes and then blot with a tissue, before applying retosin over the top, to leave on overnight.

Keep smiling on your acne revision journey, as great results await you!

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