Meet make-up legend, Brad Look


A master of his trade, Brad has taken a liking to DMK Cosmetics…


He’s won one Emmy and been nominated for eight, he’s even been nominated for a Hollywood Makeup Guild Award. It’s safe to say that international make-up guru, Brad Look, knows his stuff about make-up.

So what does Brad think of DMKC?

When Brad tried out DMKC on-set we were thrilled to hear his response – the make-up didn’t move, lasted all day, worked beautifully on HD camera. These were just a few of the praises from Brad after getting to know the new cosmetics range.

Brad’s credentials… 

Brad has worked on multiple Star Trek films (including Voyager’s Threshold for which he won his prized Emmy), and has since then used the DMKC Foundations on the cast of, We Bought A Zoo, Prom, and Spider Man. According to Brad, the results have been brilliant, with one of the Prom cast members noticing that her skin actually improved during use! It also stayed on all day during heat of 115 degree heat [Farenheit]. “In a single word, the make-up is wonderful. I tell everyone about it.” Says Brad.

But it doesn’t stop there, Brad also teaches make-up internationally and has co-written the book, Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, where he shares his make-up and special effects knowledge.

A true make-up legend, we are so thrilled to have Brad on board as a DMKC Pro Panel Coordinator.




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